Happy Mother’s Day Quotes

The Other Mother’s Day
Lately I’ve been making the other side of Mother’s Day: the heartbreak. For so many people, this time doesn’t mean corsages, brunches and presents.

Mother’s Day: What Does It Really Mean?
Learn regarding the roots of Mother’s Day, in order to find ways to celebrate the xmas and to honor mothers throughout every season.

Mothers as Nurturers
A major sign of mothers may be the ability to be nurturing and relational. This excerpt from Awakening to Prayer: A Woman’s Perspective describes a means for women make use of God’s love to be a model for nurturing and pertaining to their families.
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Hallmark of your Good Family
Both mum and dad often have a picture-perfect family, and have a problem with the realization that their own family fails to deliver of the mark. Dr. Ray Guarendi’s Adoption: Choosing It, Living It, Loving It contains valuable insights for those families.

I Am the Prodigal Mom
The gospel story on the prodigal son is made for parents an excellent example of forgiveness and second chances.

Baby Wanted: The Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche
For women who increase the risk for pilgrimage to your Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche, the Virgin Mary may be the “mother of maternal desires.”

The Hardest Part of Being a Mother
Each stage of your child’s life presents a difficulties. None of them is really as difficult, since this mom discovered, as letting go.

Saint for Moms and Everyday People
Read regarding the life and death of St. Gianna Beretta Molla—pediatrician, wife, mother, saint.
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Mother’s Day Reflection
Read a Mother’s Day reflection from Thresholds to Prayer.

Mother’s Day Prayer
Read a Mother’s Day prayer from Friend Jesus: Prayers for Children.

Learning About Mary
The Church honors the Blessed Virgin over the month of May. Visit our Mary feature to locate more Mother’s Day quotes.

Gifts for Mother’s Day
Your favorite authors, using a wide variety of subjects of interest
especially to women. Select titles conveniently obtainable in audio.